SEO specialist Required in Dubai

SEO specialist Required in Dubai

Seo Engineer /Seo Specialist /Seo apprentice
Job Responsibilities:
1.2 + years seo related working experience;
2. Proficient in the optimization of major search engines, including black hat SEO, white hat SEO and successful cases;
3. Experience in general site groups, parasites, snapshot hijacking, general directory, etc.;
5. Excellent communication, coordination and organization skills, strong logical thinking, research and analysis skills;
6. Familiar with SEO technology (website structure, page code, page optimization, external chain construction, etc.), know PHP code is preferred;
7. Existing resources are preferred;
8. Those who study related majors but have no SEO work experience can start as an apprentice.
1. According to the characteristics of the website platform, formulate the website promotion objectives and promotion plans and implement them;
2. Responsible for sorting out keyword sets and mining long-tail keywords, keyword competition analysis, and development of deployment plans and strategies in keyword stations;
3. Responsible for seo promotion of the website and monitoring of website traffic indicators, analyzing website logs to find problems and put forward reasonable suggestions;
4. Collect promotion feedback data and continuously improve the promotion effect;
5. Constantly follow up the pace of search engine adjustment, mining the latest ranking rules.

Also we are hiring:
Social Media / DM specialist
We are hiring a Digital Marketing and Social Media Specialist
Key Responsibilities
– Develop digital media strategies to achieve business goals aligned with the company’s vision.
– Create and manage Google Ads/Instagram and Facebook marketing campaigns and coordinate with the graphics team to create engaging display ads.
– Increase the company’s sales through online marketing. (Facebook – Instagram – LinkedIn – TikTok)
– Create digital content including website maintenance and updating, videos, stories, etc.
– In depth understanding of Google Analytics, social media ad platforms and Google Ads
– Establish our online presence and create brand awareness across designated territories and audiences.
– Run day-to-day social media and search engine optimization to ensure best practices are being used.
– Maintain SEO keyword and negative keyword research and updating to achieve best results in Google appearance.
– Improve customer engagement using various marketing strategies.
– Proven work experience and results achieved as a Digital media specialist or Digital marketing manager
– Knowledge in key areas of marketing (SEO, social media, content marketing, email marketing, PPC and SEM)
– Degree in Marketing or similar field
– Showcase of creative work produced during previous work
Please contact: +9715661399533

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