Clinic Staff With Medicare Clinic

Clinic Staff With Medicare Clinic

Mob No: +971547260661
Dubai, U.A.E
OBJECTIVE: I Wish would attain a suitable position in an esteemed organization and wish to use all my constructive abilities and desirous to make my career by enhancing my quality of work as a demand to achieve the desired results. EDUCATION QUALIFICATION:
 12th Passed.
 Diploma in Nursing from People Medical Collage Navabshah
 Basic Computer Knowledge WORK EXPERIENCE:
 7 Years Working Experience as Clinic Staff With Medicare Clinic in Pakistan.
 5 Years Working Experience Dispensary Staff with Pulse Hospital in Pakistan.
 7 Years Working Experience Dispensary Staff cum Nurse in Shareef Clinic Pakistan. PERSONAL PROFILE  Assess, observe and record the patient’s general health conditions.  Coordinate with physicians and other multidisciplinary healthcare professionals for creating and evaluating individualized care plans for patients.  Address emotional and psychological needs of patients and their families, to create a harmonious working environment.  Analyse patient’s symptoms correctly, diagnose the disease accurately and take imperative steps for his/her active recovery.  Maintain records and reports of patient’s medical histories, and monitor developments in their health conditions.  Be alert and observant on every aspect of patient care including diet, physical activities and psychosocial interactions.  Educate patients and their families on health maintenance and disease prevention as required.  Administer medications and treatments as prescribed. PERSONAL DETAILS:
Date of Birth : 13/11/1987
Gender : Male
Nationality : Pakistani
Marital Status : Single
Languages : English, Hindi, Urdu, Sindi.
Passport No : BP4221073
Date of Issue : 12/06/2019
Date of Expiry : 11/06/2024
Visa Status : Visit Visa. DECLARATION:
I hereby certify that all the information furnished in this resume is correct and true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

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